The Laundry Loft
Welcome to the most modern laundry facility in all of the Florida keys.  Our staff is available 7 days a week.  We can handle any last minute crisis.  If you are interested in receiving a free flat rate quote please contact us 305-872-1400 to set up an appointment.  Our organization is trained to handle the loads and demands of a commercial account
Camp grounds

Property Managers

Hotels and Motels

Restaurants and Bars



Medical/ Veternary Clinics

Doctor and Therapist Practices
We use stricktly commercial grade machines by Milnor Industries, Ipso and ADC.  Our water is heated to sterilization by Rinnai Insta Hot  water heaters for accurate, consistant water tempratures.  Free pick up and delivery through out the Keys.  Minimum loads are required.
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